Monday, November 23, 2009

One Funky Farmgirl!

My Farmgirl Friend Dawn has a new blog, and I would love for ya'll to hop on over and check it out and say Hello!! She is hilarious, sweet, and an awesome writter.....enjoy! You can find her on my blog list under Onefunkyfarmgirl

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New House!

For all of you who were wondering what happened to me in the last 2 months.....we moved!! Needless to say, I have been VERY busy trying to get settled in! I have been painting my sewing room for the last 2 days, playing in the flower beds off and on since we moved in, raking and burning leaves like crazy, and still trying to sort through boxes and get them unpacked!!! I feel like the unpacking part will NEVER get done! But we are very happy and love our new place...a cute country cottage on 13 acres, with a beautiful 2 acre lake in the back yard, tons of trees including but not limited to...magnolias, pines, walnuts, hickory, cedar and a beautiful tulip tree!...Stay tuned for more pics!!!

Fall Chores

For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I adore big Hilda...and I have been doing exactly what you see here!!!! Raking and burning....raking and burning....raking and burning! I just love FALL!!!

Fall Roses

I have had so much fun planting roses this fall, and luckily they are doing great! The only thing better than these few blooms I've had so far, is the idea of knowing that I'll have all season next year to enjoy even more! One advantage to living in the Deep South, is that even well into November, we are still enjoying big, beautiful, lush blooms!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Giddy Up!

If he can't find a Horse, anything will do!

Peek A Boo!

Well, I couldn't manage to get a picture of Sadler in his Spiderman costume that was worthy of posting on here, so I snapped this one and decided that it would have to do.


Sweet little Emily was a Sweet little butterfly for Halloween! She had a wonderful 4th Halloween!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lilly Pad Fun... Lake Hawkins this weekend. This was how we enjoyed our Sunday afternoon...the kids had a blast, they really love going swimming at the lake. Mommy got a terrible sunburn...the first time I have FRIED myself since Sterling and I have been together!!...I usually don't wear a bathing suit to the lake, I just do the T-Shirt and shorts thing...but I was feeling frisky and decided to wear proper swimming attire, and look where it got me! A week of spraying Dermaplast on myself every 4 hours!! I wanted to take more pictures, but the camera battery died....this is nothing new...everytime I manage to remember my camera, I forget to charge the battery...story of my life...never, ever FULLY prepared! It was an eventful afternoon...Sterling found a perfectly good sunbrella that someone tossed in a trash barrel...of course he had to rescue it....right along with a man that drowned. Thank goodness Sterling knew CPR! Apparently nobody that the gentleman was with knew how to administer CPR....the good news is, Sterling was able to revive him. We found out after the fact that the CPR Certification guidelines have changed in the last 15 years since we had classes...So I encourage anyone who reads this to go and get re-certified if you haven't already!! Because you just never know when you may need to use CPR!!! The incident brought our day of swimmimg fun to a sreeching halt, but it is ok, we just pray that the gentleman makes a speedy recovery. And it's not everyday that a 2 year old and 4 year old get to witness their father save a life, not to mention a wife witnessing her husband save a life. The part that chokes me up is.... when we got home, Emily walked up to Sterling out of nowhere and said "Thank you for saving that mans life, Daddy."

Monday, August 17, 2009


So many projects, so little time...where do I even begin...a new outfit for Emily, a new apron, start on my mini aprons for my Maryjanes Farm Heirloom Mavens Christmas Mini apron swap...or maybe I'll make a couple of pillow cases....hmmmm....or...maybe I'll organize my fabric cabinet first!!! there's an

What's Behind door #1????

This is one of my fabric cabinets...needs a serious "reorganization campaign" tuned for "AFTER" pics!!!

OK.......AFTER!!! AHHHH...SOSOOOOOSSOOOO much better!!!

Marrige Proposal

Yoooooouuuuu might be a Farmgirl if your marrige propsal sounded something like this!...ROFL!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wyoming vacation pictures

These are a couple of black and white pictures I took while on vacation last summer in Wyoming. It is so beautiful up there, and we can't wait to go back!

Oh, how Time Can Fly!

These pictures are from last summer, but now that I FINALLY figured out how to "blog" I figured I put them on here so that family members could see a few pictures from yes...a whole year ago!!!

Taking a moment to brag...

..on my father In Law!! He made this ADORABLE little cedar replica of my vintage travel trailer that Sterling an I are SLOWLY in the process of rebuilding. I love all the tiny little details! I put the tinsy weensy little beaver in the doorway as a scale...the beaver is 3/4 of an inch tall.....Oh...and yes, my travel trailers name really is The "SqueezeYerButt" Inn!!!

Think I'll go for a country stroll today.....

Ok, some of you may not see the humor in Hilda, but I do. I think Duane Breyers was a genius! Back when he was making the Hilda series, pin up girls were stick thin beauties with Barbie doll bodies. Not only is Hilda much more womanly, but I adore the fact that she is a nature loving country girl!! I had just about decided to redecorate my kitchen based around Hilda prints....then decided that my children would probably be scarred for life from growing up in a kitchen full of pictures with a half naked red headed "FarmGirl"! LOL.... And there are a few Hilda prints that reveal more skin than these, if you catch my So for now, I'll just keep the pictures here on my blog, and act like they are pictures of myself and my friend Dawn....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is my BFFF Dawn!!

Yes, my friend Dawn and I look ALOT alike!!!! ROFL!!

This is what happened to me today...

LOL!!!! Not really, but if I did have a cow, it probably would happen...and that is very much what I would look like!!! LOL....Gotta love Big Hilda...

Mildred McGobbleSticks and my $1.99 Goodwill score..

I am posting about 2 things at once, so bare with
First, the cast iron tractor lawn sprinkler was a steal of a deal that I found while thrifting, and can you believe it still works?? I just love it...Reminds me of my Big Pa!!
Now....See that silly turkey head? That is our precious Mildred McGobbleSticks!! She is SUCH a camera hog!!! Mildred chose us as her owners in the fall of 2008. Sterling, my dear husband went camping down by the river one night at about dusk and heard a flock of turkeys in the edge of the woods. So, being the nature and animal lover he is, he called them in.....and Mildred didn't just come in, she came right up to Sterling begging for something to! Once she figured out that Sterling didn't have anything to eat, she decided that she would sleep on the cab of his truck for the night. Sterling thought for sure that she would fly off of his truck the next morning when he got in it to leave. Well...she flew down alright....right into the bed of his truck!!...So, Sterling just KNEW she would exit stage left as soon as he started his truck....but, nope, she just stayed there...and rode home at 70 miles an hour down a country highway for about 8 miles until she arrived at her new home!! It took her about 30 seconds to get out of the back of the truck once he turned it off, and she came straight to the front porch where I was, and happily ate Cheerios for breakfast, right out of my hands! And as they say...the rest is history!! She wasn't a bit bothered by our 2 big labradors or our two she had lived with us her whole life! She follows us everywhere we go, eats out of our hands, drinks out of our cups, absolutely ADORES our 2 year old son, and has even let him carry her around! She keeps us HIGHLY entertained, and she is such a protector. 3 times, she has called me to snakes! Only one of which did I succesfully manage to kill...LOL...but that is a whole 'nother story!

Ok..this part is for Lana over at Huneysuckle Lane....Mildred also struts back and forth in front of our bumpers, but unlike your Tom who is impressed with his reflection, Mildred cleans the bugs off of the bumpers and out of the's like her favorite all you can eat bug buffet! Just like humans...the male will strut around admiring himself, but the female is the one who knows what to do with it..EAT!!! LOL!!

So there ya'll have it...the breif version of how Mildred McGobbleSticks came to be a part of our silly family!!

Just another Thursday Morning in the yard...

Out and about in my yard....

Some of my morning glories and a Mexican Torch Sunflower with early morning dew...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I love this picture. We have a duck pond in our front yard with an island and a bridge, and of course LOTS of big old bullfrogs...Sometimes I tell Emily and Sadler that when we hear the bullfrogs "Laughing", it's because they are having such a good time at their tea party!

Should we be worried??

Ok...first...this is a dress I made for Emily to wear to a dedication ceremony for the stadium my husbands company built...blah blah blah...OK...I didn't MAKE the dress...I just had to alter, and alter and alter it to get it to fit her...then I added some very cute YoYo flowers with little glass bird buttons in the center. VERY cute in my opinion!! And what do ya know....Emily ends up getting "cozy" with one of Sterling's co workers, before I clicked this picture, I got the one that WAS really cute...Emily with her arm around Clays back! She is such a little flirt...Unfortunately, Sadler was trying to "help" mommy take pictures, and the one with Emily with her arm around Clay and her head on her shoulder got "Sadlereted" aka DELETED!!! Maybe homeschool is the way to go if she's already flirting at 4!!...LOL

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Laundry Day!

Well, I finally got ALL of the ingredients to make my homemade laundry detergent....And I must admit...I love it...our clothes aren't heavy with soap and fabric softner residue anymore, and they trully smell clean (not flowery, foo foo - y) I simply add 1/2 cup of vinegar in place of my fabric softner, and Voila'..that's it! Clean, light, airy laundry ready to be hung out to dry in the sun!! For the recipe I used, you can go to MaryJane Lee's blog (which I absolutely LOVE!) at

Sunday, August 2, 2009


were the highlight of the are funny..all of those rides and they had a blast with two white balloons!!

Carnival Time!

It finally stopped raining long enough to take the kids to the Carnival..and they loved it! I used to play with a couple of these photos, and I think they look cute!