Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mildred McGobbleSticks and my $1.99 Goodwill score..

I am posting about 2 things at once, so bare with
First, the cast iron tractor lawn sprinkler was a steal of a deal that I found while thrifting, and can you believe it still works?? I just love it...Reminds me of my Big Pa!!
Now....See that silly turkey head? That is our precious Mildred McGobbleSticks!! She is SUCH a camera hog!!! Mildred chose us as her owners in the fall of 2008. Sterling, my dear husband went camping down by the river one night at about dusk and heard a flock of turkeys in the edge of the woods. So, being the nature and animal lover he is, he called them in.....and Mildred didn't just come in, she came right up to Sterling begging for something to! Once she figured out that Sterling didn't have anything to eat, she decided that she would sleep on the cab of his truck for the night. Sterling thought for sure that she would fly off of his truck the next morning when he got in it to leave. Well...she flew down alright....right into the bed of his truck!!...So, Sterling just KNEW she would exit stage left as soon as he started his truck....but, nope, she just stayed there...and rode home at 70 miles an hour down a country highway for about 8 miles until she arrived at her new home!! It took her about 30 seconds to get out of the back of the truck once he turned it off, and she came straight to the front porch where I was, and happily ate Cheerios for breakfast, right out of my hands! And as they say...the rest is history!! She wasn't a bit bothered by our 2 big labradors or our two she had lived with us her whole life! She follows us everywhere we go, eats out of our hands, drinks out of our cups, absolutely ADORES our 2 year old son, and has even let him carry her around! She keeps us HIGHLY entertained, and she is such a protector. 3 times, she has called me to snakes! Only one of which did I succesfully manage to kill...LOL...but that is a whole 'nother story!

Ok..this part is for Lana over at Huneysuckle Lane....Mildred also struts back and forth in front of our bumpers, but unlike your Tom who is impressed with his reflection, Mildred cleans the bugs off of the bumpers and out of the's like her favorite all you can eat bug buffet! Just like humans...the male will strut around admiring himself, but the female is the one who knows what to do with it..EAT!!! LOL!!

So there ya'll have it...the breif version of how Mildred McGobbleSticks came to be a part of our silly family!!


  1. hey Kelly,
    luv your story on how Mildred MGS became a part of your family!
    What a great find @ the G.W. looks like a Jonh Deer tractor!lol!
    I so agree with you that todays society is quick to cast off 'heirloom' seeds (your other blog) for modern-altered seeds...I love seed saving...sometimes I am successful at getting them to grow the folowing year and sometimes not so. But at least we give it a go.

  2. That's such a funny story about Mildred! Thank you for sharing! :)