Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Should we be worried??

Ok...first...this is a dress I made for Emily to wear to a dedication ceremony for the stadium my husbands company built...blah blah blah...OK...I didn't MAKE the dress...I just had to alter, and alter and alter it to get it to fit her...then I added some very cute YoYo flowers with little glass bird buttons in the center. VERY cute in my opinion!! And what do ya know....Emily ends up getting "cozy" with one of Sterling's co workers, before I clicked this picture, I got the one that WAS really cute...Emily with her arm around Clays back! She is such a little flirt...Unfortunately, Sadler was trying to "help" mommy take pictures, and the one with Emily with her arm around Clay and her head on her shoulder got "Sadlereted" aka DELETED!!! Maybe homeschool is the way to go if she's already flirting at 4!!...LOL

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  1. i love re-doing clothes........thanks so much for stopping by! and welcome to the NDF Chick Club!